The culture of the German song : „Claudia Jung 30-year career“ :)

The culture of the German song : „Claudia Jung 30-year career“ 🙂

Where there is music, there is business. What was before a fall, has long since become the material for bestsellers: between musical genres, it is highly flirts. „Seitensprung„, the new album is the musical CLAUDIA JUNG cheating, but passionate and sincere manner. The successful singer will offer to herself, and her many fans, a ‚déjà vu‘, a modern musical journey that goes back to her youth. On the album, she appropriates known songs of performers and composers who do not belong to her. But so would have to win the imperishable, without continuous reinterpretations? Only songs that encourage people over generations, have the formula for immortality. And only the performers who abandon these great songs, giving a fresh color, have the class for an exciting staging of ‚cheating‘. And only the performers, fresh colors that give these songs have the class to make this exciting stage ‚cheating‘. In ‚Seitensprung‘, foreign pipes become songs interpreted by Claudia Jung.

Since its first studio production, there almost 30 years, it has matured, the desire to make a very personal album of covers. ‚I knew quite early that I wanted to sing, sooner or later, an entire album of songs that have marked me. The present moment is ideal for a summary. ‚Seitensprung has many songs that have triggered my love for music. During the previous year, I became 50 years old, and I am facing my birthday my 30 years on stage. As if now I was not able to do it? ‚Claudia Jung describes the idea, according to which his new album is based. Elvis, Grönemeyer, Mary McGregor, Willie Nelson, standing Olsen Brothers, Roxette, ‚Moon River‘ -Interprète Audrey Hepburn, Natschinski Thomas, Alan Sorenti Randy Van Warmer and Abba, respectively sponsors songs and new arrangements Claudia Jung Lebel (lease of life) – were: exciting, emotional and appealing. This so-called ‚versions resume a tricky thing: simply copy the original? Where you interpret your own? Claudia Jung managed with a very personal alternative, to keep the original of this hit song, while bringing a personal development.

With ‚SeitensprungClaudia Jung felt the best emotions. ‚From sagst es ohne ein Wort original Keith Whitley and fans of pop Boyzone, can be seen as a new romantic folk ballad. More recently, ‚Nicht nur eine Nacht‘. ‚Fly On The Wings Of Love‘, the original, Olsen Brothers got the victory in 2000 in Sweden. Under the direction of Claudia Jung, the tube is awakened as Disco-fox, a new life. Does anyone remember ‚Just When I Needed You Most‘, the hit Randy Van Warmer autumn 1979? Rarely, the fact of rediscovering a pearl of the song, did not yield as many creepy feeling, as in the acoustic version of Claudia Jung ‚los Lass unsre Liebe nicht‘. Grönemeyers brand tube ‚Männer‘ is extremely dancing, Latin ChaCha, which can be danced with the Mariachi trumpets and a simultaneous wink more elegant and ironic. Very big heart film manages to Claudia Jung, with its beautiful and energetic version of the inevitable ‚Moon River „from the film classic“ Frühstück bei Tifanny‘, awarded an Oscar. The great Elvis ‚Was kann mein Herz dafür‘ the German version of „Can not Help Falling in Love ‚, exactly the 80th anniversary of the‘ King ‚,‘ Seitensprung ‚, is particularly affectionate.

Seitensprung‘ reveals much about the musical preferences of Claudia Jung – its unmistakable tendency to melodies, which are supported by a wide variety of rhythms. „My thing is the melody and therefore it was partly the challenge to create new arrangements that were just melodious‘ says Claudia Jung. ‚Männer‘, for example, is cut. Grönemeyer is flat. Create a hit song, elegant, Schlager, was not easy. The wealth of ABBA tunes, was comparatively engaging the contrary, Claudia Jung, as a fan, pays tribute with two songs. ‚Der Sieger hat die Wah‘ (‚The Winner Takes It All‘), which allows him to become his own expressive anthem, while ‚Durch meine Finger rinnt die Zeit „(“ Slipping Through My Fingers‘) operates only memory with time is ours. ‚It’s a song that only those familiar, like me, all the songs of Abba, and possess them. It does not come immediately to mind when we think of ABBA. With this song, the truth comes before our eyes: How children grow quickly, and how often it crowds out of dreams which is believed to be able to achieve it as again tomorrow ‚, Claudia Jung described‘ sa ‚ABBA song. Being unfaithful, the feeling of having to decide between two loved ones, charged feelings ‚Zwischen zwei Gefühlen‘ was sung in the ‚Torn Between Two Lovers‘ original desperate Mary McGregor. CLAUDIA JUNG interprets these songs, with the experience of his long career, with simultaneously, an impulse, a desire almost youth for life. As she did at age 50? His answer brings the essence of the new album. ‚Music is my life, my passion. I look here and there song business, because they are there, to be interpreted differently by different singers. Songs can not remain in a drawer, they demand freedom beyond borders. We can dance on them, we can give up on them. „And we will learn to love again, the voice of Claudia Jung in the full richness of the album ‚Seitensprung‚. A great deal !



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